Our Logo “The Gallo of Gallura”

The Jankara Logo is an ancient crest of the “Gallo di Gallura” or “the Rooster of Gallura” which dates back to the year 1116 and belonged originally to one of Gallura’s first Judges/Kings Costantino Spanu, who besides having the same last name as Renato and Angela also coincidently hails from the same town as Renato’s Grandfathers family called Luras. The Rooster became the symbol of Gallura after a pact was formed with Pisa during the rule of Costantino and to this very day symbolizes the ancient land of granite mountains in northeastern Sardinia. It is because of this symbolism and love for Gallura that Angela and Renato Spanu decided to adopt this ancient tablet to represent their dream “Jankara”.